TOCS (Tohatsu Onboard Communication System)

TOCS (Tohatsu Onboard Communication System) 

This system is an otional extra available on MFS25~50HP Four Stroke, MD40~115HP TLDI models with production year of 2015. In addition all BFT60~250hp models.

This system has a basic starter kit (depicted above) with Tacho including Gauge and TOCS cables. From this point optional Speedometer, Trim, Fuel and Volt meters can be linked.

The Tachmeter has 11 LCD colour options giving user many day and night dispalyoptions.


The Multi Function Tachmeter features large led and button back-lights, chrome bezel, fog and scatch resistant coating, plug and play connectors and an easy to navigate menu.

In addition to showing the Outboard's RPM the gauge also features:

  • Tilt/Trim  (optional harness needed for MFS/TLDI, MFS30C also requires sender kit to be fitted to outboard)
  • Engine Operating Temperature
  • Engine Overheat Warning
  • Engine Battery Voltage
  • Low Battery Voltage Warning
  • Over Rev.Warning
  • Engine Safety Governor Mode Warning
  • Fuel Flow Rate
  • Multiple Fuel Tank Levels 
  • Total Engine Hours
  • Lanyard Not Installed Warning (not on TLDI)
  • Low Oil Pressure Warning (TLDI displays Low Oil Level Warning
  • Oil Change/Sheduled Maintenance Notice (not on TLDI)
  • Charging System Indicator Warning (BFT models only)
  • Water-in-Fuel Warning (BFT models only)

Standard 85mm instrument dash hole.

Addtional optional TOCS gauges that can be added:


The Speedometer features: 

  • Kph and Mph 
  • Premium Chrome bezel, Back Light Display
  • LCD displays Compass Heading & Actual Heading
  • 85mm dash hole
     (Requires commercial available GPS / antenna)

Trim, Fuel, Volt:

  • Premium Chrome Bezel, Back Light Dispaly
  • 52mm dash hole
  • Trim sender and additional cables required on MFS30C