Stocks of the New Mid-Range Tohatsu Four Stroke 75-90-100-115HP models are due soon so let's talk the "Torque".

Exhilarating torque performance you can only experience with Tohatsu

The MFS75/90/100/115A have the highest torque which achieves the fastest top engine speed and acceleration against any other competitors.
"Why?" Because Tohatsu designed an isometric aggregated exhaust manifold “4-2-1 Performance Tuned Exhaust” to maximize torque and
acceleration. This unique design is an industry first and can only be found on Tohatsu Outboards.

The following is the result of testing:

Increased Durability & Optimised Weight - The best torque to weight ratio for a smarter boating experience..

Durability is something you take for granted. Yet, it is one of the most required aspects of an outboard motor. Multiple analysis was
conducted on 3D CAD to optimize each part for durability. With nearly 100 engines tested, exceeding 30,000 hours of run time, and
countless field tests which were done all across the world in a variety of conditions, results in the highest quality and durable outboard.
One more thing to emphasize is the achievement of best torque to weight ratio. Extensive analysis conducted on each and every
component made it possible to achieve this best in class torque to weight ratio:

In a nutshell the above spells responsive acceleration, fast top end speed and a memorable boating experience.

Keep tuned for more information in coming weeks.