Rockhampton Marine's Adrian Paine had sold a number of the Four Stroke MFS20E EFI on smaller rigs and in tests he felt this unit had ample performance to step up.

To answer that question the MFS20E was fitted to a Stessco 409 Catcher Limited and tested with 2 people, fuel, battery and gear.

The all up weight including outboard (Electric Start and Tilt Model) was up around 500kg and the results impressed:

  • Easily punched onto the plane even with 2 people sitting on rear bench seat
  • Cruised around 17 kts (32kl/h)
  • Reached a top speed with standard prop of 20kts (37kl/h)

As tested on trailer Adrain advised this rig sits a little over $13.5k and with manual start comes in at approximately $12.5k, very affordable boating.

For more information contact Adrian and the team on 07 4819 1181.