Late November will see the arrival of the latest Tohatsu the MFS3.5C Four Stroke.

This model has 2 unique features which users are sure to appreciate:

  • Multi-3-way storage capability with a Tohatsu first, engine oil breather system.

 This allows user to store unit on flat surface as shown without oil or fuel leakage.


  • Large Front and Back Carrying Handles

This allows ease of transport and with rounded curved handles provides surety of grip.

It also makes the minimal 18.4kg (MFS3.5CS) feel much lighter.


  • Other key features, Throttle Control on Handle with friction assists, Forward/Neutral Gear Lever, thermostat controlled cooling.


The MFS3.5C has also undergone a striking edgy design change making this the latest in Tohatsu's innovative model line up.

contact your local Tohatsu Dealer for more details.