The 199mm(4'') 7,000 max Tachometers are available with or without warning lamp.
Tachometer can be used on all electric start models by using select 4, 6 or 12 pole switch on rear of meter.
Mounting hardware included.


Parts Number
Applicable Models
Tachometer (Without warning lamp)
2-Stroke Pre-Mix Oil Model
Tachometer (With warning lamp)
4-Stroke & 2-Stroke Auto Mixing Oil Model
Tachometer (With warning lamp)
TLDI Model Basic non Chrome above

NB: Premium Chrome Tachometer's pictured  are for TLDI. (Non TLDI Oil Lamp Only)

Part Numbers For Chrome Models

3GL-72647-0 White /Chrome TLDI

3GF-72647-0 Black /Chrome TLDI

3AD-72640-0 White/Chrome 4-Stroke and 2 stroke auto-mixing oil model

3AC-72640-0 Black /Chrome 4-Stroke and 2 stroke auto- mixing oil model

3GL-72641-0 White / Chrome MFS40/50A ETL Four Stroke

3GF-72647-1 Black / Chrome MFS40/50A ETL Four Stroke